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Bringing Public Awareness to Another Level

With the world becoming ever increasingly hi-tech, CUSEC has continued to look for ways to promote earthquake mitigation and earthquake awareness in our Member States.  A recent phenomenon, known as Geocaching, has provided us with a new avenue to get this information to a different audience.

According to the website -

Geocaching.comGeocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

In 2007, CUSEC placed the first in a series of at least eight educational Geocaches in the central United States.  The geocache is located at our Memphis headquarters, and contains information on earthquake safety brochures and takeaways for cache visitors.  Since putting the geocache out, we have received over 70 visitors to the site.  Once the visitors find the cache, they then log their visit on the website, where they can leave comments on the cache and it's contents.  Initial feedback of the cache has been very positive, and has motivated CUSEC to put a Geocache in each CUSEC Member State.

In July of 2008, we placed our first Member State Cache in the rural Missouri town of New Madrid.  This is an appropriate first state cache, as New Madrid is the namesake of the powerful New Madrid Seismic Zone.   This cache is a partnership between CUSEC, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the town of New Madrid, & the New Madrid Historical Museum.  The cache is already proving successful, with at least 10 visitors to the cache in the first month.  

In 2009, more Geocaches were placed in our Member States.  Blytheville, Arkansas, Tunica, Mississippi, and Hickman, Kentucky, Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, New Harmony, Indiana, and Metropolis, IL now have CUSEC Geocaches.  In Blytheville, we partnered with the Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management, Arkansas Archeological Survey, and Arkansas Geological Survey to  place the cache as part of Arkansas Earthquake Awareness Week. As part of Mississippi Earthquake Awareness Week, we placed a geocache at the Tunica County Museum in Tunica, Mississippi.  This cache is a partnership between the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, CUSEC, and the Museum.  In Hickman, Kentucky, CUSEC partnered with the state and local emergency management to place the geocache. The geocache in Metropolis, IL was a partnership between local and state emergency management, as were the geocaches in Reelfoot Lake, TN and New Harmony, IN.  

To view the CUSEC Geocaches online - 

CUSEC Headquarters Geocache

New Madrid, Missouri Geocache

Blytheville, Arkansas Geocache

Tunica, Mississippi Geocache

Hickman, Kentucky Geocache

Metropolis, Illinois Geocache

New Harmony, Indiana Geocache

Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee Geocache

Selected Comments from the Geocache Logbooks -

Logged by Netinator
March 2009
"I enjoy the "What's Shaking" series as it keeps my mind on Emergency Preparedness..."

Logged by Skdela
March 2009
"I read all about the earthquake and I got a very educational lesson..."

Logged by BitBrain
April 2009
"After visiting this cache today, I realized that my earthquake preparedness kit has gotten rather empty..."

Logged by MackX
November 2008
"I've been driving by this place for years,and I'm glad I had a reason to stop.Thanks to the nice gentleman for the hint,and what you do for the community..."

For more about geocaching, visit,