New Madrid Housing Recovery Strategy Print E-mail

A New Madrid Housing Recovery Working Group was organized under the auspices of the CUSEC in 1998 with representation from the four federal regions, state and local government from the member states in the Consortium; and the American Red Cross because of its role as Lead Agency for Emergency Support Function 6 (Mass Care) in the Federal Response Plan.

The task of the Working Group was to develop a multi-year plan for developing a strategy which could be useful to decision makers in and service providers in addressing the basic shelter and housing needs of potentially thousands of disaster victims displaced from their residences as a result of a major earthquake in the central United States . When it became apparent that there was inadequate funding for the Working Group to continue for an extended period of time, the focus changed. The Group completed what it considered to be a seminal document to which others would add or delete. The document was then edited and mailed to a variety of audiences including Group members. At least two member states held meetings or polled some of their local organizations and agencies as to the usefulness and feasibility of the approach taken in the document. Based on additional input the document was again revised.

The posting of the document on the internet is to offer an approach to solving a complex problem whose parameters are as unique as each potentially affected community. There is no claim that the work is complete but the hope is that others may read it and may take from it what is useful and invent what is missing.

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