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CAPSTONE-14 Private Sector Workgroup Information and Archive

Under the direction of the CUSEC Board of Directors, CAPSTONE-14 is a three-year, multi-state scope of planning and preparedness activities culminating in a major, multi-state earthquake exercise in June 2014.  It is designed to strengthen partnerships between local, state, and federal governments, while engaging public and private sector entities in planning response and recovery from a catastrophic earthquake occurring within the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). Included in the initiative are both CUSEC Member, and Associate States.  

Following any disaster, private sector entities are a pivotal player in emergency response and recovery.  To that end, one of the primary focus areas of CAPSTONE-14 is private sector integration in the emergency planning, mitigation, and response/recovery arenas.  As part of the CAPSTONE initiative, a"Private Sector Workgroup" has been formed to provide key input into areas such as resource distribution, transportation, communications, and long term recovery.  Below are links to presentations and notes from several workshops based on Private Sector integration with emergency management.  For a list of CAPSTONE-14 Private Sector Workgroup Committee Members, click here.

 Private Sector Workshops and Presentations Archive

Private Sector Workshop I
August 14-16, 2012 | Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Workshop Summary/Report

Workshop Evaluations

Private Sector Workgroup Meeting
December 12, 2012 | Louisville, Kentucky


PowerPoint presentation

Private Sector Workgroup CAPSTONE-14 Update and VBEOC Demo
November 12, 2013 | Webinar

Webinar Recording (Streaming)

Webinar Recording (52MB Windows Media Download)

Private Sector Workshop II
March 06-07, 2014 | Deerfield, Illinois


General Sessions Presentations

Main Presentation and Overview; Jonathon Monken, Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center (vBEOC) Demonstration; Chris Metz, Argonne National Laboratory

GIS Common Operating Picture; Joel Thomas, G&H International, Inc.


Break-Out Presentations

Volunteers and Donations Management

TEMA GIS Capability Overview

CAPSTONE-14 Private Sector Final Planning Conference
May 15, 2014 | Virtual Teleconference


CAPSTONE-14 Private Sector Workgroup Committee Members