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Events and Activities that have shaped CUSEC


1984 - CUSEC established with funding support from FEMA; Board of Directors comprised of seven State Emergency Management Directors; Erie Jones selected as first Executive Director.

1985 - CUSEC sponsors National Earthquake Conference in St. Louis; first CUSEC office established in Marion, IL.

1986 - "Six City Study" completed; CUSEC states provided with vulnerability analysis of "critical facilities;" Mexico City earthquake occurred; urban search and rescue recognized as a major problem.

1987 - Digitized Management of Resource Information (DMRI) is launched - represents CUSEC's initial attempt at coordinated information management.

1988 - FEMA/USGS Earthquake Awareness Preparedness seminars "spread the word" through Dr. Walt Hays and colleagues; seminars successfiilly raise awareness and build constituencies in the Central U.S.

1989 - Seismic research needs are emphasized; awareness workshops are held in each of the CUSEC states; Dr. Otto Nuttli, pioneering researcher, passes away. CUSEC moves to Memphis; Memorandums of Agreement established with QAS, ARC, and USGS; Loma Prieta earthquake and Hurricane Hugo focus attention on need for effective intergovernmental planning for response and recovery; CUSEC publishes The Fault Line newsletter.